26 September 2013

Poor Bafokeng communities once more denied their right to protest

Today at around 12pm, about 100 people from various communities forming the apartheid-created Bafokeng 'tribe' managed to march for a kilometer on their way to Phokeng Civic Centre. They were stopped by the Police on account that they did not have authorization for the venue at the Civic Centre and that the 'chief' was not willing to receive the memorandum of demands. The community intended to handover a memorandum of demands to SCOPA NW and the Public Protector.
The police were simply non cooperative and were getting ready to shoot at the protesters. After useless timewasting discussions with the police, the people dispersed at 13h30.
The angry community members intends to start legal proceedings to challenge the validity of the Rustenburg Local Municipality's requirements/checklist for a protest march.

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  1. Why do you refer to us as Apartheid created tribe? Support it with historical fact or it seems like a baseless insult.