28 March 2012

Royal Bafokeng Platinum Blast Chaneng Residential Houses Open

-'Tshasa' March Motene

 In the early hours of Wednesday 07/03/2012 a terrifying blast from Royal Bafokeng Platinum mine operations woke most of the Chaneng residents up. Unfortunately, one community member of Ramogotsi Section woke up to find the outer wall of his house collapsed due to the horrific blast.
The traumatized owner of the house is in distress as he does not know where he will get the money to fix his house and his household properties open to the public, and probably thieves. The poor father has even placed a zinc washing bath to fill the gap left by the collapsed wall.

The community of Chaneng has complained several times in the community meetings about this blasting caused by the Royal Bafokeng Platinum mine, whose leader is the Bafokeng chief. Leaders of Chaneng youth have tried engaging the mines and the chief about this blasting that leads to cracking of the houses. Their complaints fell on deaf ears. Now that a wall has collapsed due to this blasting, who should take the responsibility to fix the fallen wall? Is the Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela, or the Human Rights Commission not interested in such abuses against the poor community of Chaneng?


  1. Umkonto we LefatsheApril 1, 2012 at 8:29 AM

    WAKE UP!
    Do you really think this is a matter that can be resolved by dialogue?
    How far do you want to be on the road to obliteration before you see what these monsters are doing to your future.

    1. i think we nid to act regarding de damages tht we are facing s a comunity,my home is faling n it have de cracks all over,my mum have fixed it,bt its still the same, is either they remove us, or fix our houses, after all we are the one who is losin out,n we must ask the meeting with Majesty Kgosi,and alk with him regarding ds.