22 March 2011


Not too long ago, the Royal Bafokeng tribal authority boasted an opening of a six star hotel to host the 2010 Fifa World Cup English soccer team. The R300m hotel built in a mine polluted area and for the wealthy few, stands unsurprisingly empty, costing the Bafokeng heavily on maintenance fees.
Bent on the development of a Bafokeng class society based on misinformation and material possession, chief Leruo Molotlegi of the Bafokeng ‘tribe’ opened new school buildings for the elite Bafokeng’s Lebone II High School. The extravagant opening ceremony, held on the 17th March 2011 was attended by celebrities, wannabies and the’ who is who’ in South Africa.
The school, originally located opposite the chief’s homestead, Legato, was established by chief Leruo Molotlogi’s predecessor, Mollwane Lebone Molotlegi back in 1997.
The expensive school fees of R3500 – R4000 per month, and the arbitrary, strict admission and screening criteria has created a perception within the poor Bafokeng communities that the school is built exclusively for the affluent families within the Bafokeng. It is further believed that the school is for those who are close to and pays more political allegiance to the royal family.
Some believe that the school is used by the Royal Bafokeng Administration’s research  department, led by Professor Sue Cook and Adolph Zietsman, to further a clandestine indoctrination programe that seeks to distort information about the history of the Bafokeng. The grand-plan is to create a deceitful picture of a progressive, successful African ‘tribe’; to hide the platinum theft taking place in the area; and to create a Bafokeng society and a cadre of young troopers who are oblivious to the current hardships experienced by the broader Bafokeng communities at the whim of the mining companies (Impala Platinum mines, Anglo Platinum, Xstrata, Wesizwe Platinum, Royal Bafokeng Platinum) operating in the area. The children at the school are therefore raised, it is argued, to be praise singers to the chief, and taught not to question the human rights abuses and socio-economic injustices caused by the ruthless mining companies and their puppet tribal authority.

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  1. mara wena ne o Zietsman, you have Zietsman fever ne Zietsman in front Zietsman at the back. Zietsman every where. You should visit edokotela to be healed of your Zietsman fever. no free educatiion from Zuma in Mzanzi, no free education from Thandi Modise in Northwest why should Leruo give free education. no free lunches anymore. stop and get on with it.mara wena is too bored.