30 September 2010

Unlawful prohibition of the march against Kgosi Leruo Molotlegi of the Bafokeng 'tribe'

The Rustenburg Local Municipality refused permission for the protest march against the Bafokeng chief this coming Saturday 02 October 2010, saying that the Luka Community must first get permission from the very same people they are marching against! The march organised by the Bafokeng Anti-repression Campaign will nevertheless continue...Phistus Mekgwe and Violet Makobe asserted.
The Conveners say they will contest the prohibition in Court, and will expose the level of influence the Bafokeng enjoys on structures of goverment in the area, including the local Bafokeng Magistrates Court!They say they did whatever was possible to satisfy the illegal demands by the Municipality, and complied with all legal requirements for the notification of the march.They say this is the worst kind of repression, to suppress peoples' Constitutional rights to freedom of association and protest. A number of such applications have been refused in the area thus far on unreasonable and unjustifiable grounds. The communities are not able to exert and protect their rights.... and the challenge has always been that they cannot find or afford legal representatives who are not linked to Bafokeng.

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