10 August 2010


The Bafokeng Tribal Authority had in the years 2006/7 instituted a commission of enquiry to establish the heirs to chieftaincies of the various makgotla forming the Bafokeng ‘tribe’, and whose chiefs have passed on.

The reports were presented to the various makgotla in May/June this year, much to the agitation of a number of makgotla. Various makgotla in Chaneng, Luka, Tsitsing, Mogajane, and others cited lack of consultation and poor information collection methods used in drawing up the reports. Some refused the imposition of chiefs on them, citing that the Bafokeng chief wants to impose on them chiefs that are power hungry, greedy, ‘yes-men’ who will not oppose  him in any way. The communities fear that the imposed chiefs will therefore be ‘used’ to stand against communities currently claiming their land from the Bafokeng. ‘They will use their position and influence as chiefs to sway support in favour of the Bafokeng chief, who also pay them monthly salaries’.

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