02 April 2010

Status on the Land Claim Process

On the 10th December 2009, the Judge at the Mafikeng High Court ordered that all the communities listed in this newsletter including the Setuke Family, the Mputle Family and the Bafokeng Land Buyers Association, submit to the Court before the 26th February 2010, their application to be accepted as intervening parties and to show cause as to why their application should be accepted by the Court. By agreement, the deadline of the 26th February was extended to the 26th March 2010.

The Legal Resources Centre, acting for the Bafokeng Land Buyers Association and some of the abovementioned communities is expected to submit affidavits to oppose the Bafokeng application.
Following the application by the intervening parties (i.e the Association and others), a ruling should be given shortly as to who will be accepted as intervening parties to the litigation on the matter.

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